Induction of direct organogenesis from aerial explants of scented alstroemeria genotypes

Camila Guzmán, Constanza Rivas, Loreto Prat, Danilo Aros


Alstroemeria is an important pot plant and cut flower in the ornamental plant market, and its propagation mainly occurs by rhizome division. However, this method is inefficient and timeconsuming and may contribute to the spread of viruses. This study focused on developing in vitro propagation protocols using aerial explants of Alstroemeria caryophyllaea and A. ‘Sweet Laura’, two scented genotypes. Aerial explants of alstroemeria were regenerated by testing three types of aerial explants and four concentrations of cytokinins. Both A. caryophyllaea and A. ‘Sweet Laura’ showed the highest induction rate from shoots, with values of 35 and 63.3%, respectively. For both genotypes, the optimum BAP concentration for direct organogenesis from buds was 1.0 mg L-1. Finally, a successful protocol for in vitro propagation of A. caryophyllaea and A. ‘Sweet Laura’ through direct organogenesis from aerial explants was generated.


Alstroemeria caryophyllaea, Alstroemeria ‘Sweet Laura’, growth regulators, tissue culture

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