Vol 44, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


The role of biotechnology in agricultural production and food supply
Edith Araceli Cano Estrada
Barley Types and Varieties in Spain: An Historical Overview
Fernando Martinez-Moreno, Ignacio Solis, Ernesto Igartua

Research Paper

Genetic parameters for milk yield and reproduction traits in the Chilean Dairy Overo Colorado cattle breed
Hugo Montaldo, Carlos Trejo, Carlos Lizana
Agronomic characteristics and chemical composition of Gliricidia sepium grown under different residual heights in different seasons
Shirlenne Ferreira, Maria Carneiro, Ricardo Edvan, Elzânia Pereira, Luiz de Morais. Neto, Andréa Pinto, Danilo Camilo
Effect of crop load on phenological, vegetative and reproductive behavior of the 'Frantoio' olive tree (Olea europaea L.)
Victor Beyá, Thomas Fichet
Increasing the shelf life of post-harvest table grapes (Vitis vinífera cv. Thompson Seedless) using different packaging material with copper nanoparticles to change the atmosphere
Nelson Loyola, Mariela Arriola
Nutritional Composition and Polyphenolic Content of Edible Peumus boldus Mol. Fruits.
Ady Giordano, Gloria Montengero, Patricia Velásquez, Miguel Gómez, Ignacia Sandoval
Comparison of chemical composition and anti-methanogenic potential of Liquidambar orientalis leaves with Laurus nobilis and Eucalyptus globulus leaves using in vitro gas production technique
Ismail Ulger, Adem KAMALAK, Emrah Kaya, Ozer Kurt
Extraction of Soluble Polysaccharides from Grape Skins
Alvaro Peña Neira, Mariona Gil Cortiella

Research Notes

Storage, size and vigor of ‘Esther’ avocado seeds (Persea americana Mill.)
Mónica Castro
USLE/RUSLE K-factors allocated through a linear mixed model for Uruguayan soils
Andrés Beretta-Blanco, Leonidas Carrasco-Letelier