Validation of a new method for the rapid determination of free sulfur dioxide in wine

Edmundo Bordeu, Lorena Macarena Villalobos, Natalia Brossard


Sulfur dioxide is widely used in most wines around the world. The determination of free SO2 is probably the most frequently conducted analysis in the wine industry used to assure wine conservation. The most frequently used methods of analysis are the aeration-oxidation method and the Ripper method. Both methods are relatively long and require specialized technicians. A new methodology based on voltammetry has been developed. It is based on a specialized hand-held automatic and fast analyzer that uses analytical stripes. This study compared this new method with the traditional aeration-oxidation and Ripper methods in a wide range of red and white wines. The results showed a good correlation of the voltametric method with the aeration-oxidation method as a standard and very similar results were observed with the Ripper method. Variability and precision were also high, validating the use of the proposed method for daily use in cellar work.


Aeration-Oxidation, automatic SO2 analysis, free sulfur dioxide determination, ripper.

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