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Ciencia e Investigación Agraria

The journal Ciencia e Investigación Agraria (RCIA) is an international scientific publication, created on 1974 and edited by the Agronomy and Forestry Faculty of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. The RCIA is indexed in the Journal Citation Report of Thomson Reuters since 2007. It is also indexed by several world databases, such as Biological and Agricultural Index, CAB, Chemical Abstracts, Clase Periodica, OCLC, LATINDEX, SciELO, and Scopus.

It publishes original and peer reviewed research on agriculture, agricultural economics, animal production, crop production, plant nutrition, viticulture and enology, crop protection, ornamental crops, agroecology, sustainable practices, forestry, soil management, environmental sciences, and natural resources. It published three volumes per year which include contributions as research articles, research notes, literature reviews, and essays.


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Vol 43, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Empirical attributes and limitations of methodologies for predicting the degradability of ruminal protein
Alejandro Velásquez, Jordana Rivero, Pierre-Guy Marnet

Research Paper

Agricultural employment in Spain and new Keynesian economics
Silvia Andrés González-Moralejo, Mildrey García Cortés
Seasonal and annual changes in the quality of native rangeland selected by grazing steers in northern Mexico
Osvaldo Reyes, Manuel Murillo, Esperanza Herrera, Francisco O. Carrete
Use of incremental levels of dehydrated olive cake in lamb diets as an alternative for grazing systems in the central dryland area in Chile: The effect on carcass traits of Suffolk Down lambs
Patricio Pérez, Fernando Squella, Claudio Aguilar, María José Idalsoaga, Raúl Vera, María Sol Morales, Mario Maino, Juan Ignacio Egaña
Characteristics of banana fruits (Musa spp. AAA, cv. Nanica) treated with cytokinin and gibberellin
Juliana D. Lima, Jéssica Santa Rosa, Eduardo N. Gomes, Danilo E. Rozane, Silvia H. Modenese-Gorla da Silva
Clonal propagation of the avocado: effects of the rooting step on graft union formation and development
Carmen Estay, Ricardo Cautín, Alexander Neaman, Mónica Castro
Effect of bokashi and vermicompost leachate on yield and quality of pepper (Capsicum annuum) and onion (Allium cepa) under monoculture and intercropping cultures
José D. Álvarez-Solís, José A. Mendoza-Núñez, Noe S. León-Martínez, Jorge Castellanos-Albores, Federico A. Gutiérrez-Miceli
The impacts of biofertilizer and mineral fertilization on the growth and production of yellow passion fruit irrigated with moderately saline water
José A. M. do Nascimento, Lourival F. Cavalcante, Ítalo H. L. Cavalcante, Walter E. Pereira, Stênio A. G. Dantas, Sherly A. da S. Medeiros
Effect of culture medium and incubation on the characteristics of micropropagated agave plants
José R. Enríquez-del Valle, Karla H. Antonio-Luis, Gerardo Rodríguez-Ortiz, Gisela V. Campos-Ángeles
Volcanic materials as carriers for the formulation of mycoinsecticides using the fungus Beauveria bassiana
Victoria E. Sy, Santiago Schalamuk, Ana C. Scorsetti, Irma L. Botto
Nutritional and functional characterization of wild and cultivated Sarcocornia neei grown in Chile
Javiera Riquelme, José Antonio Olaeta, Lena Gálvez, Pedro Undurraga, Claudia Fuentealba, Andrea Osses, Jaime Orellana, José Gallardo, Romina Pedreschi

Research Notes

Ingestive behavior of steers on pastures of Brachiaria brizantha and Cynodon dactylon
Anderson de M. Zanine, Bruno R. Vieira, Daniele de J. Ferreira, Antônio J. M. Vieira, Márcia C. T. da Silveira, Wilton L. da Siva, Paulo R. Cecon
Accumulation of macronutrients in cv. ‘Astrus’ cabbage as influenced by nitrogen dose and plant population
Arthur B. Cecílio Filho, Rodrigo L. Cavarianni, Rodrigo H. D. Nowaki
Yield and nitrogen recovery of wheat plants subjected to urea application with or without a urease inhibitor in the absence of irrigation
Marcelo C. Espindula, Marcela Campanharo, Jairo R. M. Dias, Valterley S. Rocha, Moacil A. de Souza, Giovana Menoncin
Effect of egg shell color and storage duration on external and internal egg quality traits of ATAK-S layer hybrids
Ahmet Şekeroğlu, Hamdiye Gök, Mustafa Duman
Identification and characterization of an original grapevine cultivar (Vitis vinifera) found in Chile
Alvaro S. Gonzalez, Franco Massera, Daniel Moscoso, Patricio Hinrichsen, Gloria Montenegro, Valerie Laucou, Thierry Lacombe, Jean-Michel Boursiquot, Philippo Pszczólkowski